Former reporter with the New York Times, Sarah Kershaw, was found dead in her home in the Dominican Republic. Authorities confirmed that her body was found on 23 February at the apartment she shared with husband William Norton in the northern town of Sosua which is popular among expatriates.

Preliminary reports indicated that Kreshaw, 49, died from asphyxiation due to strangling. Police suspect that her husband was involved in her death and he was taken into custody for questioning, Osvaldo Bonilla, a prosecutor for the province of Puerto Plata informed.

In the latest Facebook post by the Policia Nacional, the Directorate of Information and Public Relations stated that Dr Mario Cesar Lopez Peralta, the coroner of Sosua, confirmed that Kreshaw had died from hanging. Local prosecution has now accused Norton of killing his wife. He reportedly told the police that she had kicked him out of their apartment prior to her death.

Kreshaw, who worked with the American publication for more than a decade from 2000 to 2011, moved to the Caribbean island with her husband, a former senior editor for the Miami Herald's International Edition, in 2014, shortly after they got married. She continued to freelance as a writer till her death.