King Cobra at UK zoo
A King Cobra at a UK zoo Getty

Over 70 snakes were found in the house of a man who died on Saturday (6 August), Fort Worth police have said. The man, David Blody, 66, is thought to have succumbed to an illness and was reported dead at 10:30pm.

According to local paper, the Forth Worth Star-Telegram, police said they found the reptiles in carriers around the house: "It does not seem that the snakes were all over the home," said Officer Tamara Pena.

A spokesperson for local Fort Worth Zoo told the paper that Blody had worked at the reptile department during the 1980s and 1990s. Animal Control also attended the house along with police.

A friend, who knew Blody to be ill, had arrived to check on him, and called police to report the death. Pena said that the snakes were now with Blody's family: "Family members arrived and took custody of the snakes."

In July, officers in Victoria, Australia found 100 reptiles – including snakes and a foot-long crocodile – at a house they were attending. It was thought the owner may have permission to keep reptiles, but not quite as many: "It is extremely unusual to have this much wildlife at a residential property," said a wildlife officer.