A 55-year-old former banker has undergone several surgeries to fulfill her desire to transform completely into a dragon. Eva Tiamat Medusa, formally known as Richard Hernandez, grew up in Texas US, believing he was a woman trapped in a man's body and slowly started his transformation from a man to a woman and eventually into a "human dragon".

On her blog titled 'Eva Medusa Tiamat, Transspecieism – Metamorphosis', Tiamat writes: "I am the Dragon Lady, A pre-op M2F transgender in the process of morphing into a human dragon, becoming a reptoid as I shed my human skin and my physical appearance and my life as a whole leaving my humanness behind and embracing my most natural self awareness as a mythical beast."

After undergoing several persona changes, Tiamat settled for a dragon and underwent procedures, like nose modification, tooth extraction, ear removal, and eye colouring in the hope of looking more like a dragon. She is almost unrecognisable from what she looked like in 1990 before going through procedures, like her full-face tattoo.

Tiamat who lives in New Mexico derived her name from a video gamedragon, has gone as far as getting a forked tongue, horns implanted onto her forehead and the whites inside her eyes stained green. She recently underwent another operation, which involved cutting back both of her ears.

Tiamet is 95% covered in snake scale tattoos and prefers to be referred to as "it" rather than he or she. "From the time I began my transformation journey, I have told people to not judge this book by its cover, but then again why not? I think this book cover is beautiful," wrote Tiamet next to her photo on Facebook.

From the time I began my transformation journey, I have told people to not judge this book by it's cover, but then again why not?I think this book cover is beautiful. :)

Posted by Tiamat Legion Medusa on Thursday, January 21, 2016