Katie Waissel and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini
Katie Waissel has attacked former X Factor mentor Cheryl Fernandez-Versini over her recent comments about body shaming Ian Gavan) Gareth Cattermole (Getty

Former X Factor contestant Katie Waissel has lashed out at her former mentor from the show, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, over her recent comments about body shaming. Suggesting that the Geordie singer should stop being a hypocrite and "practice what she preaches" after suggesting that speaking negatively about people's appearances or calling them too fat or too thin should be illegal.

"How can anyone take Cheryl's body shaming comment seriously when she body shames others? Cheryl is disgusting, she needs to stop trying so hard," the 29-year-old stated in a new interview with Bella magazine. "She doesn't have a leg to stand on when she's asking for something that she's guilty of herself," she went on to add. "What about Lily Allen and Charlotte Church? She should just pipe down, it's unnecessary. The more she does stuff like this, the more she looks like an idiot."

The I Don't Care singer publicly clashed with fellow singer Allen back in 2007, labelling her "a chick with a d***" after she released the song Cheryl Tweedy. Waissel was also refering to a period Fernadez-Versini called Church "a nasty piece of work with a fat head" after the pair feuded over one of Church's sounding like a 'Girls Aloud rip-off'.

This latest rant comes just a few weeks after Waissel slammed the reality television judge for being "fake" and being too concerned with what the public thought of her to be a real human being. Remembering her own time on The X Factor, Waissel said that she thought Fernandez-Versini was "nasty and completely not genuine" towards her, during the competition.

"I thought her behaviour was shady and unnecessary – she publicly slammed me in her book without saying anything to my face. But when she was my mentor, she kept trying to be my best friend and steal my cigarettes. I personally thought she was nasty, a horrible human and completely not genuine." Waissel concluded her slating remarks by saying that if she were to ever see Fernandez-Versini again, she would simply tell her to "f*** off".