A four-year-old girl was rescued from the bottom of a 17 meter-deep dry well in Northwest China on Sunday (April 7), state media reported.

The girl fell into the dry well while playing on a construction site, Chinese state television CCTV said.

Rescuers put a hose supplying oxygen down to the bottom of the pit to ensure the child could breathe safely, CCTV reported.

CCTV said that due to the well's small diameter, the rescue team was unable to fit certain equipment into the well that would allow for the child to be easily pulled out.

Instead, the child was instructed to fit her wrists through the loops of a rope specifically designed to pull her out.

CCTV said that the girl was pulled out after a half hour-long rescue effort.

CCTV added that the child was uninjured, but was sent to a hospital for a basic examination soon after her rescue.

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