The fox cub with its head stuck in the jar
The fox cub with its head stuck in the jar Image Credit: YouTube/wwwVitamin

A video recording of the moment a shy fox cub got his head stuck in a jar and walked up to two men for help has set the Internet abuzz.

Posted on Thursday, the video starts with the young animal walking along a dirt road in Russia, with his head stuck inside the jar. He spots the two men and trots up to them. As one of the men holds the glass jar, the scared animal starts to wiggle his body, in an attempt to run away.

However, the animal soon realises that staying still and waiting for the man to finish what he was doing was his only way out of the jar. And as soon as his benefactor, dressed in army gear, freed the animal's head, the cub wasted no time in returning to the safer confines of the forest.

"Where is the thank you?" one of the men jokes in Russian, as the fox runs away.

"He would have died that way," the other man says.

The footage, posted on YouTube, has received more than 430,000 views already with many viewers appreciating the men for their good deed and others pointing out the odd behaviour of the cub.

"I am surprised and amazed that the fox went up to humans to go get help. A good deed has been done. Good job, guys!!" Jessica Nyquist, one of the viewers, commented on the video.

"Really beautiful on so many levels. The fact that this wild animal knew it had to request the help of humans, which would have gone against every one of its survival instincts, and the fact that the men didn't hesitate to do just that. Amazing and wonderful" wrote Luke R, another viewer.

Check out the video here:

[Video Courtesy: YouTube/wwwVitamin]