French daredevil Tancrede Melet accidentally fell 98ft in air to his death, while attempting to do a tightrope walk between two hot air balloons in Drome, southern France, on 5 January. The 32-year-old stuntman was pulled into the air on a rope while he was standing on the ground anchoring a hot air balloon in Diois with his teammates.

Melet, who was suspended from the basket, fell to the ground after the hot air balloon unexpectedly took off, reported extreme sports group Flying Franchise. While his companions reportedly released themselves, Melet had held onto the rope before falling to his death.

Melet, a slackliner, jumper and wingsuiter, was a part of the Flying Frenchies – a sports group that combines dangerous experiences into art forms. "Tancred Melet, an amazing lover of life, surprised us yesterday morning in leaving us too fast," read a statement from the Flying Frenchies. "He leaves behind wonderful memories, a taste of freedom and a head full of dreams.

"Tancred was a world reference in the midst of extreme sports...He was part of the best in BASE jump, highline, wingsuit and other water sports. He was also a climber and a high level sportsman. He and his friends were seen as the pioneers of the Skyline (Highline in high altitude)."

Mort accidentelle de Tancrède Melet, artiste du vide.Tancrède Melet, est décédé mardi 5 janvier 2016 dans la Drôme...

Posted by Flying Frenchies on Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Melet, who had taken on his daredevil role full-time, is widely acclaimed for his tightrope walks between mountain peaks and skyscrapers. The father-of-one has featured in several video adverts and live shows.