McDonald's withdraws 'clumsy' internal note to staff forcing staff meals to 'be eaten on premises'. Reuters

McDonald's in France issued a statement of apology on 12 August, after an internal note at one of its Cote d'Azur restaurants ordered staff not to give out their food to "tramps".

The note, signed by the management, was reportedly circulated over social media by a consumer group.

"Following an incident on July 25, it is formally forbidden to give food to tramps," read the note, reported AFP News.

"As a reminder, staff meals must be eaten on the premises. Staff meals are a personal benefit and should only benefit the staff member in question.

"McDonald's is not here to feed all the hungry people in the country!"

The fast food chain in turn issued an apology saying: "After a serious incident with homeless people on the evening of July 25 in front of the McDonald's in Hyeres, the restaurant sent out a note to prevent these incidents and to ensure its clients' safety.

"The procedure and the wording was clumsy and the management swiftly withdrew the note. McDonald's contacted the restaurant to apologise to anyone who might have been shocked by this note and to recall that the chain is there to serve any client, without distinction."