Call it the ultimate helmet hair. Takhini Hot Pools in Yukon, Canada has announced the winners of their annual International Hair Freezing Contest.

Every February the hot springs hosts a Hair Freezing Contest. It's simple; it runs the whole month of February and all people have to do to participate is enter the hot springs and freeze their hair.

Once they have their frozen hair, participants just have to post their picture to the Facebook wall for judgement. At the end of the month the winner will be picked and they will win $150 cash.

So long as the temperature goes as low as -30C, the freezing of the hair can happen in under 60 seconds. All contestants will receive a complimentary pool pass for having participated.

This year's winners were Fanny Caritte, Milena Georgeault, and Maxime Goyou Beauchamps of France, who froze their hair on 9 February.

The first building development around the hot springs can be dated back to 1907 when a man by the name of Mr Puckett purchased the land at a price of $2,000 per acre.

The venue hosts a number of themed events and discounts throughout the year, including mums go free on Mother's Day, and the same for dads on Father's Day.