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Christine Lampard on Loose Women ITV

After Frank Lampard's Instagram image – where he playfully captioned his wife and their pooch's adorable photo as "My two b*****s' – attracted criticism, his wife Christine rushed to his rescue.

The Chelsea star's wife not only admitted that she was clueless about the controversy brewing over the photo but also defended her husband's side.

"I didn't even realise that it had happened until this morning!" Christine said on the latest instalment of Loose Women. "If you know Frank at all, or indeed us, there was certainly no offence made by this post," she added.

In fact, the 38-year-old TV presenter was ignorant about the whole fan backlash sparked by the former English footballer's seemingly innocent picture.

When her Loose Women co-star Gloria Hunniford jokingly referred to her with the word, Christine reveals she was visibly shocked as she thought "That's not like Gloria."

"You went, 'What?!' Because you hadn't actually seen it in the papers!" Gloria said recalling the moment Christine reacted to her 'b***h' joke.

The controversial picture caused quite a furore on social media with fans immediately reacting to Frank's apparently sexist joke. "I am triggered by this. It is truth that patriarchy exists", one critic was quoted as saying by Mirror Online, while another added, "Men shouldn't be allowed to make jokes about women. It's oppressive".

Following the bout of criticism, ultimately, the 39-year-old athlete removed the picture putting an end to the drama.

However, his wife defended him saying, "It was completely, clearly a joke. And anyone that remotely knows Frank would know that."

"I certainly wasn't annoyed and if anyone should be, it's me!" Christine joked.

Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley
Frank Lampard poses with wife Christine Bleakley as he holds his Officer of Order of the British Empire (OBE) medal Getty