Geovonne Oliver
Geovonne Oliver admitted to fraud charges mid-way through his trial Met Police

A son who defrauded his disabled father out of more than £1m ($1.3m), to spend on luxury items including a BMW which he later crashed, has been jailed. Geovonne Oliver, 21, of Bakerend Road, Bradford, pleaded guilty mid-trail to various fraud related offences and perverting the course of justice and was sentenced to five years in jail.

During the trial at Southwark Crown Court, the jury heard how Oliver accessed his father's bank account while he was abroad and transferred a total of £1.265m into unknown accounts as well as the account of his co-conspirator of Boon Keat Tai.

After the funds were transferred again between accounts, Oliver then spent the money on items such as vehicles, jewellery and rental properties.

The jury found Tai, 44, of Wigmore Street in London's West End, guilty of money laundering offences and was jailed for three years. The jury was unable to reach a verdict in relation to Jaques Konate, 21, of Grove street, Deptford, in relation to money laundering offences.

Detective Constable Mick Diddams of the Met's Cyber Crime Unit said:"The majority of fraud cases have an element of anonymity. This case however, is personal. Oliver has worked hard to steal from his own family and then frivolously wasted the money on a shopping spree.

"I would urge everyone to monitor their bank accounts and ensure that any passwords are sufficiently complex so as not to be obvious to anyone who knows you."

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