On multiple occasions, 52-year-old Steve Chandler told his friends and family about the time he gave Richard Branson a lift. Having faced many non-believers, Chandler wanted to prove the authenticity of his story. Tweeting the Virgin tycoon, Chandler hoped that he would get the billionaire to confirm the incident. To the logistics driver's surprise, not only did Branson respond to his tweet, but he also offered him and his family a free holiday.

In 2010, Branson had been trying to get to an important meeting when his car was stuck on the M40. A car crash had stalled traffic and it would have taken a long time for the road to get cleared. Branson decided to leave the car with his driver and looked for an alternate route.

Chandler avoided the M40 by choosing to use roads through the village which he knew how to navigate. He and his son spotted Branson looking for a lift. With Chandler's help, Branson got until the service station at Beaconsfield. Even though Chandler offered to give Branson a ride to his destination, the grateful hitchhiker insisted on getting dropped at the service station.

After years of disbelief from friends and family, Chandler finally got the proof he needed. Speaking to The Sun, Chandler recalled how pleasant Branson was during the drive. Branson repaid Chandler's kindness by offering him a holiday with Virgin Voyages.

@richardbranson I've always regaled friends and family with a story about the time I picked u up when you were trying to get to London after being stuck in traffic on the M40, this was about 10 years ago. No-one believes me, please tell me it was really you #fingerscrossed

— Steve Chandler (@chad956) January 19, 2020

Hi Steve. Yes it was me. Appreciate the lift! Was really late for a critical meeting. Would like to return the favour – want a lift with @VirginAtlantic to Miami, then a cruise with @VirginVoyages to say thank you? https://t.co/c5JrGw7WEs

— Richard Branson (@richardbranson) February 4, 2020

Chandler did not expect a response from Branson on Twitter, adding to the surprise he now has a free holiday to look forward to. Chandler revealed that he will be taking the cruise with his wife Josemy.

A massive thank u to @VirginAtlantic and @VirginVoyages for helping me to arrange my trip so very kindly offered by @richardbranson. I can't see how I'm ever going to repay this but to say I will support the Virgin Group whenever possible. Been a @virginmedia customer from day 1

— Steve Chandler (@chad956) February 8, 2020

Revealing his travel plans, Chandler shared that he will be flown from London to Miami by Virgin Atlantic. In Miami, the couple will be boarding the 17-deck luxury cruise ship, the Scarlet Lady. The adult-only ship will have its maiden voyage in April from Florida. Chandler will be enjoying the brand-new luxury cruise by the Virgin brand in May.

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