The French version of the magazine Closer has been banned from publishing online or in print, any more of those topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge. Lawyers representing her and her husband, Prince William, were successful in arguing a civil case, they sought around £4,000 in damages and asked for the original images to be handed over to them. Difficulty is of course the magazine doesn't own the original photos. The man who took them is believed to be in hiding.

Catherine Middleton was photographed sunbathing on a balcony while on holiday with the Duke. The shots were taken with a telephoto lens from the road, a kilometre away from the terrace of the chateau where they were staying.

Crowds flocked to see the young royals leaving the Solomon Islands to Tuvalu, on what will be their last day of a South East Asian Queen's Diamond Jubilee tour. The couple have been doing their best to ignore the intense media scrutiny since the photos were released. Those representing French Closer magazine in court defended the publication, saying photos like this don't shock people anymore. If the magazine owners decide to ignore the injunction, they will be fined around £8,000 for every day they refuse to surrender all their copies of the images of Catherine. They also have to pay the royal couple around £1,600 in legal fees.

Although French Closer won't be allowed to republish the images, it stills leave the matter of the 50 page special in its Italian sister magazine, Chi, and the fact that the pictures are now widely available for free online. A criminal inquiry has also been started today to find out whether, under French law, the Royal couple's right to privacy has been breached.

Written and Presented by Marverine Cole