Security staff hired by multinational firm G4S are briefed a day before the start of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London Reuters

G4S is one of the huge companies that governments love to outsource their public services to.

Numerous scandals and gaffes, such as overcharging on its electronic tagging contract in the UK, have not put many public authorities off from writing cheques for this outsourcing and security behemoth.

Here are some of the interesting numbers that define the Crawley-based global business.


The firm's total headcount, making it the largest employer on the London Stock Exchange.


The number of countries it operates in.


G4S's total market value.


Global turnover for 2012 alone.


Profit before interest, taxation and amortisation for the same year.


The cost of failing to meet London 2012 Olympics security staffing contract, after it had to pay money back to the UK government.


Repayment to the UK Ministry of Justice for overcharging taxpayers on the electronic tagging contract.


How many complaints G4S received in 2010 from the immigration detainees it was responsible for holding at its three detention centres. It was a rise of 240 on the year before. Only 130 were logged as fully or partially substantiated, said the BBC which revealed the figures.


The payoff for former chief executive Nick Buckles, who oversaw what he described as the "humiliating shambles" of the botched London 2012 security contract, when he quit the firm in May 2013.