Chainfire Releases Quick Root Fix for Android 5.0 Lollipop Preview Builds: How to Install
Galaxy Nexus Gets Android 5.0 Lollipop Build LRX21M via AOSP ROM (androidpit)

Owners of Galaxy Nexus are in for a special treat, as a senior member of XDA developers, MWisBest, has just released an AOSP build LRX21M based Android 5.0 Lollipop update, which is fondly known as FML or Fork My Life ROM.

Interested users, who do not wish to wait for Google's official release of Lollipop update can go ahead and install the AOSP based FML ROM, using a simple step-by-step guide given below.

Some of the noteworthy features ported into the Android 5.0 AOSP Build LRX21M for Galaxy Nexus are listed below, courtesy of XDA developers:

  • OmniROM base.
  • Highly optimised, similar to (and in some ways, better than) Linaro, resulting in a smoother and faster Android.
  • Attention to all the small details, along with always trying to be innovative and do something new and different.
  • Fully built with the latest GCC 4.8 toolchain from Linaro with C++11 enabled, yet a still-working ART runtime.
  • Also built with Link-Time Optimization for additional speed improvements.
  • Completely developed in the open, everything I do is right on my GitHub for anybody to use and improve upon.
  • A somewhat-accurate ambient temperature sensor... (requires kernel support as well)
  • A unique but stable kernel, includes 'BIGMEM' as well, adding back about 60MB of usable RAM.
  • Complete support for F2FS and EXT4, no 'conversions' required, and any combination of F2FS and EXT4 will work, not just 'one or the other.'
  • Added support for F2FS on /data only, and EXT4 on /cache and /system
  • A bunch of other unique features exclusive to FML release

In addition, the developer has made a few notable changes and performance improvements over the official TWRP builds, which is evident in this new custom TWRP recovery tool.

Check out the enhancements made to TWRP recovery below:

  • Fixed decryption (was broken in, and under decrypted fine).
  • Possibly speed improvements wherein the most notable is the speed of decryption and other things are mostly limited by the speed of the eMMC though.
  • Backlight brightness control.
  • Fixed ADB (this change is actually in the ROM, so it affects ALL TWRP builds, not just this one).
  • Completely seamless support of both EXT4 and F2FS.

Downloads Required

Android 5.0 Lollipop for Galaxy Nexus (toro): (161.93 MB)

AOSP Google Apps with Lollipop support

PA Google Apps (download this if you face issues with AOSP version above)

Steps to Clean Install Android 5.0 Lollipop Build LRX21M on Galaxy Nexus via AOSP Based FML ROM

1.Take a backup via recovery and (optionally) back up apps with Titanium Backup or something similar.
2. Perform a Factory Reset in recovery (wipe data but NOT /SDCARD, also wipe dalvik-cache and cache memory)
3. Complete Wipe /system in recovery.
4. Flash ROM in recovery.
5. Flash GApps in recovery.
6. Reboot, and wait until the first boot completes.

Steps to Overwrite Previous Installation of FML ROM with AOSP Based Android 5.0 Lollipop Build LRX21M

1.Take a backup via recovery and (optionally) back up apps with Titanium Backup or something similar.
2. Wipe /system, cache, and dalvik-cache in recovery mode.
3. Flash ROM in recovery.
4. Flash GApps in recovery.
5. Reboot, and wait until the first boot completes.

NOTE: It is possible to get away with just wiping the 2 caches without wiping /system, however if any issues occur please retry with a /system wipe.

[Source: XDA]