Galaxy S7 Edge screen features
Galaxy S7 Edge screen features Samsung

You can do lot more with the edge screen of your new Galaxy S7 Edge. The curved screen provides you access to the features you need the most. Starting from your favourite apps to contacts, news and everything else you can get on the edge screen.

Even with the phone's screen is covered, a feature called Edge feeds display notification, news, scores and others, without having to wake the device up. IBTimes UK brings you with a bunch of features of the S7 Edge screen to keep you productive all the time.

Edge panels

The Edge panels offer access to your favourite features without switching any particular apps. All you have to do is just swipe the Edge screen handle to open the Edge panels. If the Edge panels are not displayed, go to home screen then tap Apps>> Settings>> Edge screen then touch Edge panels and turn the feature on. Below are the list of Edge panels you can take advantage of;

  • Apps edge: With the Apps edge, you can create as many as 10 shortcuts for the apps and folders. It displays the apps that are used frequently.
  • Tasks edge: This feature displays the shortcuts for the apps you have added on your home screen.
  • People edge: It displays the contacts you have marked as favourites.
  • Yahoo News: It shows breaking news and top headlines.
  • Samsung Milk Music: You can control the music playback from the Milk Music consumption.
  • My Places: This feature adjusts your settings and displays shortcuts according to your location such as home, work and out and about.
  • Yahoo Finance: This app shows all the market data for the list of securities you provide.
  • Yahoo Sports: Want to know the scores of your favourite team, use yahoo sports.
  • Quick tools: Your edge screen will show navigation tools such as compass, GPS coordinates and flashlight.
  • Calendar: It shows you an overview of your day and upcoming events.
  • Weather: It provides you will all the basic weather related information for your location.

To access any of the above Edge panels, just go to Settings to open the Edge panel settings. From the Edge panel settings, you can edit panel content, turn panels on or off and re-arrange them. Select Download if you want to download additional panels from Samsung Galaxy apps.

Edge feeds

Consider using the Edge feeds to receive notifications and news on your S7 Edge when the phone is in standby mode. To open the Edge feeds, touch the corner of the screen and then swipe to the middle of the screen and then again back to the corner.

If the Edge feeds do not display from the home screen, tap Apps>> Settings>> Edge screen, tap the Edge feeds and turn the feature on. The list of feeds that are available in the Edge feeds include Briefing feed that displays notifications from apps. You might choose the apps that display notifications in the Edge feeds settings.

Apart from this other features are Yahoo news, Yahoo finance and Sports and S health that display your step count when tracking steps with S health.

How to access Edge feeds

  • Go to the home screen, tap Apps
  • Then tap Settings
  • Navigate to the Edge screen then tech Edge feeds

Edge lighting

If you have turned on the Edge lighting, the S7 Edge screen would light up whenever you get calls and notifications, with the device's screen being covered. Perform the following steps to access the Edge lighting;

  • Go to the home screen, then tap Apps
  • Tap Settings then scroll down to and tap Edge screen
  • Then finally tap Edge lighting.