Samsung's new Galaxy S series flagship devices – S7 and S7 Edge – pack an array of new and improved camera modes and functions to bring originality to the photos and videos you capture using the primary and secondary cameras of the handsets. Some of the features include new elements and are fun to use. Not only do the phones pack updated cameras but also an enhanced camera UI. To make your mobile photography experience better and easier IBTimes UK brings you a list of camera modes and details about how to get the most out of them.

Pro Mode

The Pro mode allows you DSLR–type manual control of exposure, shutter speed, ISO and white balance to capture more accurate photos. To help you click better photos even in low light conditions, Samsung has enabled a Multi AF function on the Galaxy S7 duos that offers responsive and fast autofocus performance.

• Go to camera, select Pro Mode
• Tap different icons to adjust settings as you like

Food Mode

The Food Mode that comes pre-installed on new Galaxy smartphones can be used to take photos that emphasise colours of intricate desserts or homemade meals.

• In camera, select Food Mode
• Tap on the screen or drag the circle to move the highlighted areas

Motion panorama

The S7 and S7 Edge come with an all-new Motion Panorama mode to capture better photos of moving objects. For instance, during a hike, not only can you capture a panoramic view of the mountain but also the movement of the trees and birds.

• Under camera, select Mode, then Panorama
• Tap Motion On icon located at the top of the screen, then select On
• Tap camera button and click a panoramic shot by moving the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge in one direction
• To check the video clip, locate the image in the Gallery
• Tap the Motion Panorama icon at the top of the screen
• Tilt your phone or swipe the screen to view the animated images
• You can share Motion Panorama as a video file or an image file

Motion photo

Enable the Motion Photo feature to record a short video clip. You can even extract the best frames from the video and then share or print them.

• In Settings, select Applications, then camera
• Turn on Motion Photo
• In camera, tap the camera button and click a photo as you would do normally
• To check the video clip, locate photos in Gallery
• Tap the Motion photo icon located at the top right of the screen


The hyperlapse mode in the new Galaxy devices brings improvements in terms of photo quality, stability and visibility when compared to the previous Fast Motion mode. This mode automatically selects frames by analysing the recorded video, changing video speed according to the movement of the scene and compressing it into a shorter format.

• From camera, select Hyperlapse Mode
• Tap the record button, then tap stop and save the recording

Dual camera mode

You can add other modes by selecting Download at the top of the Mode menu; for instance Dual Camera, the upgraded version of which allows simultaneous video recording from front and rear cameras of the Galaxy handsets. And both videos can be applied to a single screen to create one single video clip.

• In camera, select Mode, then Dual Camera
• Tap the Dual Camera icon at the top of the screen and then select your preferred shape and drag it to your location on the screen
• Tap the camera button to take photo or record button to take a video
• To view locate the video or still photos in the Gallery, then tap the Dual Camera icon

At the bottom of the screen of the video, select single view where you can switch back and forth between the recorded videos or Dual view to watch them simultaneously.