Galaxy S8 and S8+ users have been experiencing "DQA keeps stopping" error message when the handsets are on Wi-Fi. The issue cropped up just after Verizon and T-Mobile rolled out an update for the new Galaxy models.

DQA stands for data quality assessment, which monitors Wi-Fi connection. Users have reported the issue on several community forums such as Samsung, Verizon and Reddit.

"So, just got the day one OTA update and now I constantly get a dialog that DQA keeps stopping, with a button to close the app, but the dialog keeps popping up. Happens every 30 seconds or so, sometimes every couple seconds," wrote a Redditor on the forum.

Folks at Android Authority have shared a few fixes that could help you resolve the issue on your Galaxy S8 and S8+. While these fixes worked for some, others who tried claim the issue still persists. However, you may check out the fixes below and try your luck.

  • Reboot you Galaxy S8 or S8+. You might have to repeat this for a few times.
  • Try to clear cache partition through recovery. For this, turn off the phone, then press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Bixby button. On the phone when you see No command, hold the Power and press the Volume Up button to put the phone in recovery mode. Using the Volume buttons, highlight Wipe cache partition and press the Power button to select. Click Yes and press the Power button to confirm the process and then reboot the phone.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi.
  • Disable high performance mode.
  • Force quit the DQA app by going to Settings>> Apps then tap the three dots menu at the top right corner. Now tap Show system apps and head over to DQA. Tap it and force close it.
  • Disable DQA app with BK package disabler, which costs $1.50 (£1.17). Install the app, then grant permissions, swipe to Systems. Find DQA and check the box next to it to re-enable it. Using the BK package, you can disable any bloatware app.

While those who have disabled the DQA app have reported the fix worked for them, it is not recommended as disabling any system app can have repercussions.