Huge hardware changes for Galaxy S8
Samsung could implement major hardware changes in the Galaxy S8 Reuters

Samsung's upcoming addition to the Galaxy S series range, widely known as Galaxy S8, will reportedly come with major changes in terms of hardware features.

One of these is said to be the removal of the physical home button. Now, if you are wondering what will happen to the fingerprint sensor, Samsung is planning to implement it right onto the display.

Samsung's dual-edge screen technology found on the latest Note 7, S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus allowed it to eliminate the bezels from both sides of the phones. With the Galaxy S8, the company is planning to expand the curved display by adding edge screen on the top and bottom. This means the company could go for a full-screen Galaxy S8.

Apple was also earlier reported to bring the same changes to its iPhone for 2017, the 10<sup>th anniversary of the iPhone. The 2017 iPhone model is expected to sport a complete OLED screen while eliminating the home button and building the fingerprint sensor onto the display.

The details about the hardware features have been shared by ETNews, which says the Galaxy S8 would be the first smartphone to pack rear dual-cameras. "Currently Samsung Electronics is deciding whether to use all-in-one dual-cameras or separated dual-cameras." said a representative for a component industry. "It already finalised a decision to use dual-cameras," a representative for a component industry told ETNews.

Other key elements include Snapdragon 830 processor. Click here for our round-up to know more about the features expected in the Galaxy S8.

The report reiterates what we have heard previously: an early launch of the S8. Analysts too believe an early launch of the S8 could be a realistic option for the company to deal with the recall crisis.