Prior to the year's biggest video game awards ceremony, there were rumours of what might make an appearance during the event. Last week, cover arts for "Resident Evil 3 Remake" and "Resident Evil: Resistance" were spotted on the PlayStation Store. This led fans to suspect that it might be unveiled at The Video Game Awards 2019.

However, producer, Geoff Keighley assured journalists that nothing related to the show has been leaked. As speculated by reports, the two titles ended up as part of Sony's year-end State of Play presentation.

Meanwhile, Keighley hyped up the public with a teaser of several new IPs that will debut at The Game Awards 2019. It seems that the people and developers involved successfully kept everything a secret. Moreover, those in attendance and people who were watching the online broadcast were treated to a collection of new games, DLCs, and an official announcement of the Xbox Series X from Microsoft.

In addition to the new console, an article from IGN details all of the notable reveals that gamers can look forward to this month and in 2020. Please note that these are not in any particular order and might contain spoilers for those who are yet to watch a replay of The Game Awards 2019.

"Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2"

Shortly after Microsoft officially introduced its next-generation game system, Ninja Theory, which is now a part of Xbox Game Studios, shared a trailer for a follow-up to its haunting and terrifying "Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice." According to Phil Spencer, everything shown in the footage was allegedly captured in-game. Unfortunately, there was no gameplay except for disturbing images and audio.

"The Wolf Among Us 2"

This is another sequel to a popular game from Telltale games that puts players back in the shoes of Bigby. Just most of the titles from the game studio, it is a graphic adventure game wherein players are tasked with solving a mystery.


While the Xbox Series X certainly caused an uproar in the gaming industry, Sony has a more subtle teaser in mind. Reports speculate that the trailer this new "looter-slasher" is showcasing in-game graphics. Gearbox confirms that it will feature single-player and multiplayer gameplay. Additionally, it is coming out for the PlayStation 5 and PC.

"League of Legends: Convergence"/"League of Legends: Ruined King"

The video game industry already knows that Riot Games is expanding its reach with several spin-off titles based on the popular MOBA. Similar to some of the titles debuting at The Game Awards 2019, there is no gameplay on show.

"Ruined King" is being developed by Airship Syndicate, the studio behind "Battle Chasers: Nightwar." On the other hand, "Convergence" is in the hands of Double Stallion. Both of these will be published under Riot Game's new label Riot Forge.

"Bravely Default II"

Square Enix is revisiting its hit RPG franchise with a new installment developed for the Nintendo Switch. The trailer manages to show a short clip of the in-game graphics only, but it will likely follow the same gameplay as the first two games with improved visuals and more.

"Naraka: Bladepoint"

Developed by Netease, the game appears to be an action-adventure title that features two protagonists. It is unclear what platforms will have the game in 2020, but the gameplay seems promising.

"Ultimate Rivals: The Rink"

This is a little odd because the footage implies that it is a hockey game with unique elements. Various sports stars from various disciplines are included with their own signature moves. It is an Apple Arcade Exclusive and is available for download right now.

"New World"

This is another surprise reveal that is being developed by Amazon Game Studios. The platforms were not specified, but it is reportedly an MMO. Strangely enough, it is already up for pre-order. Nevertheless, without gameplay footage to give gamers a preview, people might hold off on this one for now.

"Weird West"

Former Arkane developers have founded a new company called Wolfeye Studio and its first project is an action-RPG set in the wild west. It is speculated to feature gameplay similar to the "Diablo" series and might come out for most of the major platforms.

"Dark Alliance"

Fantasy fans were treated to a new title based on the popular Forgotten Realms campaign form the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. It features iconic characters such as the noble dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden and his companions.

"Magic: Legends"

Another fantasy game based on "Magic: The Gathering" which will likely feature heroes from several expansions. This MMO is coming out for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 with a beta launching soon.

"Path of the Warrior"

Twisted Pixels and Oculus Studios are putting players in the shoes of one of the two fighters. It is basically a VR beat-em-up game for the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest. The game is already out now.

"Surgeon Simulator 2"

When fighting, shooting, and going on an adventure does not appeal to certain gamers. This VR simulation title lets them perform complex operations on virtual patients. It practically offers medical mayhem with a comic vibe. It should be available for most VR platforms.


After the success of "PUBG," the developer's next title remains vague. The trailer shows a first-person view of a forest in the middle of a storm. No other details were given at the end of the footage.

"Sons of the Forest"

This is a sequel to "The Forest" and will likely follow its predecessor and belong to the survival horror genre. It is being developed by Endnight but did not indicate the platforms it will come out on.


The gaming industry is dominated by various team-based shooters, but Redhill Games is about add another one. Sadly, the trailer does not have any gameplay footage and no information about the supported platforms.

All of the games listed here are those that debuted at "The Game Awards 2019" but there are more trailers for previously revealed titles. It appears Keighley was not joking when he promised multiple world premieres gamers can anticipate.

Geoff Keighley Talks About The Game Awards
The Game Awards 2019 will debut 10 new games that have never been announced before, according to Geoff Keighley. Photo: The Game Awards