Game Of Thrones sixth season continued this weekend with the eagerly-anticipated episode Battle Of The Bastards, and while it featured plenty of computer-generated effects such as Daenery's dragons in one epic scene and Wun Wun the giant's involvement in the instalment's climactic scene, it was also a pretty technical one with the actors when it came to filming too.

The episode's brilliant, and often frantic, action was directed by Miguel Sapochnik – who also helmed Hardhome in the show's fifth season. Now that the episode has 'safely' aired in both the US and the UK, HBO have released two new featurettes that showcase how Battle Of The Bastards was made.

Each video features interviews with showrunners DB Weiss and David Benioff as well as actors Iwan Rheon, who brings villainous Ramsay Bolton to life and Kit Harington, who of course plays Jon Snow. Also speaking in the clip is horse master Camilla Naprous – who had apparently been pleaded with the show creators to give her more exciting stuff to do since last season – and Sapochnik.

"As soon as we wrote episode nine, we knew that it was going to have to operate on a scale that we've never operated on before. All of it is action, with almost no dialogue," Weiss explains, noting the specific scene's ambition. While Benioff continued: "We've had a number of night-time battles, we've had a number of sieges but this is the first pitched battle – or at least the first large pitched battle – and so it was something different for us."

Talking on the viewer's connection to the sequence, Harington stated: "It was fluid all the way through. It morphed, it changed. But the most important thing all the way through, it can't just be a battle. If it's just a battle, the audience don't have stakes in it. You have to be following someone and we decide to follow Jon."

Check out what insight they gave when it came to the acclaimed episode in the videos below...

Game Of Thrones' current season will conclude, with upcoming finale The Winds Of Winter, on Sunday 26 June on HBO.

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