A new episode of Game Of Thrones season 5 airs on 31 May and will reportedly feature the much talked about - Battle of Hardhome.

The upcoming episode's official synopsis teases that "Arya makes progress in her training." Now when we last saw Arya, she saw the collection of faces and Jaqen H'ghar said that she wasn't ready to become no one, but she was ready to become someone else.

The synopsis also states that "Sansa confronts an old friend" and spoilers from the preview video make it clear she'll be confronting Theon. "If I could do what Ramsay did to you I would," Sansa tells Theon.

Meanwhile, things are not looking so good for Cersei. On last week's episode, the High Sparrow had Cersei arrested after Lancel told him about her. Spoilers suggest that Cersei will do her walk of atonement by the end of Season 5 and there's a strong chance the scene will take place during Hardhome. (via Hollywood Take)

Reportedly, the Battle of Hardhome took weeks to film and producers claim that it will be bigger than the ones at Blackwater (season 2) and the Wall (season 4).

Game Of Thrones season 5, episode 8 Hardhome, airs this Sunday on HBO at 9pm.

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