Game of Thrones
Sansa and Ramsay in Game Of Thrones season 5, episode 6 HBO

Just when things were starting to look better for Sansa Stark, they get the sadistic Ramsay Bolton to show his true colours to her in one of the show's most disturbing and heartbreaking scenes.

Warning: Game Of Thrones season 5, episode 6 spoilers ahead

Game of Thrones

In the 17 May episode, Sansa Stark lost her virginity in a brutal assault at the hands of the psychotic son of her mother and brother's killer, while her former childhood friend Theon was forced to watch.

Producer Bryan Cogman, who also wrote the episode, told Entertainment Weekly, "This is Game of Thrones," when asked how he could do this to Sansa.

"This isn't a timid little girl walking into a wedding night with Joffrey. This is a hardened woman making a choice and she sees this as the way to get back her homeland. Sansa has a wedding night in the sense she never thought she would with one of the monsters of the show. It's pretty intense and awful and the character will have to deal with it."

While the dark scene has sparked outrage among fans on social media, actress Sophie Turner (who plays Sansa) told EW that when she read that scene, she "loved it."

"When I read that scene, I kinda loved it. I love the way Ramsay had Theon watching. It was all so messed up. It's also so daunting for me to do it. I've been making [producer Bryan Cogman] feel so bad for writing that scene: "I can't believe you're doing this to me!" But I secretly loved it," said Turner.

The actress also teased what fans can expect from her character in the coming episodes...and those who think Sansa will seek revenge on Ramsay Bolton (and his family), might get a bit disappointed with her response.

"He's [Ramsay] such a mentalist. He's such a mind-beep. There's no way of understanding his motives or his thinking. So this season it's also her trying to figure out his intentions and trying to please him," she stated.

Meanwhile, check out the promo video for Game of Thrones season 5, episode 7 titled 'The Gift', below: