It is time to move on from Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones season 6 as other important characters in the HBO fantasy series – deservingly – will come into the limelight. Although Ned Stark's bastard son is alive, the mystery behind his character marooned other important twists in the first three episodes, which included Lord Ramsay Bolton ruthlessly killing his stepmother and baby brother, Bran Stark visiting his father's past along with his mentor the Three Eyed Raven, and Arya getting her eyesight and Rickon Stark's return to Winterfell.

The official synopsis of the upcoming episode titled, Book Of The Stranger, reads as follows:

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Although the synopsis does not reveal as to what fans can expect in Book Of The Stranger, which will air on 15 May at 9pm EST on HBO, in the latest promo there are ample of clues about Sansa's fate and Littlefinger aka Petyr Baelish's tryst with destiny.

Lord Baelish knows Sansa's life is in a dire situation as Ramsay's forces are hunting her and it will be interesting to see how the elder Stark daughter's escape will cost him. But the trailer suggests that she may have finally made it to Castle Black and is perhaps "home" even though the Lord Commander has left his position to achieve the unknown.

"For me, this time out, there's a level of atonement in relation to Sansa and my misjudgment of Ramsay Bolton. A lot of what I'm up to is atonement and really trying to align myself the right people — though, I guess, I'm always doing that! I left Sansa married to a psychopath. It's probably the one time we've seen Littlefinger slip up. He really didn't know about him. He should have," Aidan Gillen, who plays Littlefinger, told about his return after six episodes.

Game of Thrones season 6
Jon Snow brakes his oath to the Nights Watch and leaves the post of the Lord Commander in episode 3 HBO

Meanwhile, back at King's Landing, the Lannisters are brainstorming to find a way and save Margaery Tyrell from another Walk of Shame. The High Sparrow will stop at nothing when it comes down to follow the strict religious rules of the Faith of the Seven.

In the previous episode, Bran revisited the Tower of Joy in Dorne where Lord Eddard Stark and Howland Reed killed Ser Arthur Dayne. The crying from the tower tempted Bran to go inside, but Raven warned him not to get emotionally attached to his past and brought him back to the present. The scene sparked rumours that Jon Snow might not be a Stark after all and is actually a Targaryen.

GOT season 6 episode 4 will air on 15 May at 9pm EST on HBO in the US and on Monday (16 May) at 9pm on Sky Atlantic in the UK.