Game of Thrones season 7
A screen grab from episode five of Game of Thrones season 7 titled Blood of the Dragons HBO

Despite the Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4 being leaked days prior to its air date, it appears the classic storytelling and masterly crafted screenplay of each episode keep fans glued to television. While the fourth episode has already been aired on HBO in the US, people in the UK will have to wait for Monday night (7 August at 9pm) to watch the episode on Sky Atlantic.

Warning: Major spoiler for Episode 4

While the fourth episode features a major reunion and a fiery battle, the preview of the fifth episode titled Blood of the Dragon hints at another major plot twist that may change the game for Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.

Since their first meeting, Dany has been demanding that the Northern King bend his knees before her in a show of allegiance. But the adamant king refuses to do so even though he needs her support in mining the dragon glass and using her power to defeat the power of the Undead.

As of now, viewers of the HBO fantasy series are very well aware of the fact that the King of the North has the dragon's blood running in his veins and is a Targaryen by birth. But neither he nor Dany knows the truth. In a clip from episode 5, the Khaleesi is seen riding on her child Drogon and is trying to approach Jon with her roaring dragon.

The former Lord Commander, however, appears unfazed by the fire-breathing beast and speculation is high that the Drogon will instead form a bond with Jon, justifying the title of the fifth episode.

The fourth episode also features key plot connections including a major reunion of the Stark siblings. After Bran, Arya comes back to Winterfell to reunite with her brothers and sister. While Jon Snow is away finding allies for the upcoming war, Arya is greeted by her sister Sansa and brother Bran, who gifts her a dagger made of Valerian Steel [which Littlefinger gave him earlier].

Jamie Lannister, Bronn and their men are ambushed by Dany and her Dothraki army is ambushed at Highgarden. In one of the most spectacular war scenes of GoT, the Mother of Dragon uses her favourite child to spray fire on her enemies but in the process, Drogon is hit by a giant crossbow aimed at him by Bronn.

Injured in the process, the flying beast is grounded and the King slayer thinks of it as an opportunity to attack it with his sword. His dwarf brother Tyrion, who is watching the whole incident from afar, calls him an 'idiot'.

However, Jamie does exactly that and is surprisingly saved by a mysterious person before being roasted alive by Dany's child. Fans need to wait for the fifth episode to see whether Cersei's incest lover is alive or not and who saves him from the fire.

The fifth episode will air on Sunday (13 August) on HBO and on Monday (14 August) on Sky Atlantic.