Game Of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was approached by fans while he was in the shower at a gym. The actor explained that they sometimes he has been asked to pose for photographs that too while he was "butt-naked".

In an interview with High Life, the 45-year-old Danish recollected the strangest places where he has been recognised as a celebrity. "Twice at the gym, it's happened in the shower, I've been butt naked. Someone goes 'What are you doing here? Can I have a picture?' I said 'Sure... can you give me five minutes to dry off'?" Coster-Waldau mentioned.

However, it seems like the Gods Of Egypt actor understands the novelty of the situation for the people involved. "It was more about them being really surprised. I have that sometimes: when I see a journalist that I watch on the news and suddenly he's there in the supermarket. You go 'What? How does that work? You're supposed to be inside the box'!" he explained.

Coster-Waldau, who plays Jammie Lannister on the fantasy TV drama enjoyed playing a prank on Game Of Thrones fans when he indicated that a stuffed duck was a spoiler for one of the 2015 episodes. "Just wanted to introduce this duck," he said in a video. "It's a spoiler for the book readers. I won't give anything away... Think about it."

He recently confessed to have played another prank on fans as well. "One I was very proud of. I'm a Leeds supporter and at Comic Con in San Diego, my friend Joe asked if I could mention the name of (the) Leeds manager." So during the QnA session, Nikolaj decided to monkey around with the audience and said, "I had a question from the audience: 'Did you train a lot with the swords?' I said 'I'm so happy you asked – I've worked for years with master swordsman David Hockaday (former Leeds United manager) from Leeds.' Within a day it was on his Wikipedia page that he'd trained Jaime Lannister," he laughed.