While most people use their home consoles for playing games, there are those who take advantage of its entertainment capabilities to watch movies and TV shows. However, one user is allegedly using his game system for something else entirely. With online connectivity, people can play multiplayer matches over the internet. Moreover, the available platform also offers voice communication over its networks. Thus, friends can talk to each other and coordinate their gameplay. According to the FBI, they've caught someone selling cocaine using the in-game chat feature.

It appears that the authorities received a tip that a dealer has been distributing narcotics online. What makes it interesting is the method being used to establish a sale. As reported by Motherboard, the FBI got in touch with Sony in October to gather more information about a certain user. "The provider is hereby ordered to disclose the above information to the Government within 14 days of service of this warrant," read the documents filed on October 22, in Missouri.

Sources confirm that the suspect being monitored by the agency is Curtis Alexander. He apparently goes by the name "Dola" and took advantage of the PSN network to get in touch with his potential clientele. Additional details included in the warrant application notes "The CHS [Confidential Human Source] stated ALEXANDER was currently charging $34,000 per kilogram of cocaine, The CHS stated ALEXANDER utilises the PlayStation username "Speedola20."

Analysts speculate that the dealer might not be aware that it is possible for other people to monitor audio even over the console's network. What followed was a sting operation wherein the informant was able to bait Alexander into selling an estimated 100 grams of the drug. With the evidence in hand, the next step would be to gather even more details about the user, which Sony holds on their end.

These include telephone numbers, physical address, security questions/answers, IP addresses, and more. Currently, it is yet to be known if Alexander also uses other consoles and each one's respective networks for his illegal trade. For now, it seems that his activities are mainly done with his PlayStation 4 and through the PlayStation Network.

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File picture: Anne-Marie McLoughlin, 52, Wilmslow, Cheshire, was in possession of 28 grams of 76% pure cocaine worth £1,500. Reuters