The gaming industry is still waiting for Sony to make its move to counter what Microsoft has been doing the past few days. Not only has the latter revealed the final retail design of the Xbox Seris X, but it likewise recently shared some technical details about the console. Now, all eyes and ears are on its biggest rival as the public waits for the PS5 to make its debut. The latest rumoured unveiling proved to be a bust, but it appears GameStop took matters into its own hands.

Android Central reports that the video game retail chain confirmed several key specifications of the upcoming PlayStation sequel. Sources speculate that pre-orders for the Xbox Series X might have spiked shortly after Microsoft's big reveal earlier this week. In an effort to hopefully drum up some hype for Sony's new platform, it has updated the game system's landing page on its official website.

There have been varying accounts when it comes to the specifications of the PS5. Early leaks claimed it was less powerful than the Xbox Series X, which was followed by another that puts Sony's machine above Microsoft's. Since nothing official has been communicated from the manufacturer, gamers are confused as to which exactly is real. According to the GameStop pre-registration page, the console should be on par with the new Xbox with a small caveat.

Unlike the Xbox Series X which will be compatible with software from all of its previous platforms, the PlayStation 5 might be limited to PS4 and PSVR games. As for the other information listed, it will support full 8K resolution output, use a custom AMD octa-core chipset, feature ray-tracing technology, and 3D Audio. It seems that Sony is still reluctant to share key numbers with its partners as processing power, storage size, and price is still not available.

Sony reveals new PlayStation 5 details
Sony's new PlayStation 5 console make players feel closer to the action of games, the company said AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU

One function of the Xbox Series X that made the headlines is the multiple save states. Microsoft's hardware design team confirmed that it can suspend up to five titles with virtually no loading times when the player switches between each game. Furthermore, it will still be active even after a reboot. Therefore, industry analysts believe Sony has to step up with the PS5 and offer something even better.