Save the Children has published the name of every child killed during the Gaza conflict from 8 July to 3 August in a full page advertisement across UK national newspapers.

The charity published the names of the 373 children, some just a few months old, as part of its campaign to "lay bare the stark reality of the situation".

The advert was printed in the middle of a 72-hour ceasefire between Gaza and Israel. The charity is now urging a permanent end to the fighting.

Save the Children's chief executive Justin Forsyth described the deaths of the children as "an outrage".

He added: "To see the names of the children, some as young as a few months, written in stark black and white brings home the tragedy that has befallen Gaza's children.

"One child's death is too many; 373 is an outrage that is a stain on the world's conscience.

"We condemn all indiscriminate attacks on civilians in Gaza and Israel and by publishing these names, we are reminding the world of the urgent need to push for a permanent ceasefire.

"We must ensure that no more young lives are needlessly sacrificed."

Last month, the Israeli Broadcasting Authority banned a radio advert from human rights group B'Tselem which also named some of the children killed during the conflict for being too "politically controversial".