George Clooney
The actor contemplated suicide in 2005 REUTERS

Hollywood actor, George Clooney has revealed that he once considered killing himself after a spinal injury left him in agonising pain.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the star confessed that he seriously contemplated suicide after suffering from a spinal injury whilst filming drama Syriana the 2005.

Clooney said that his body felt like he had suffered a stroke and while he laid in his hospital bed he thought to himself: 'I can't exist like this. I can't actually live'.

He told Rolling Stone: 'I was lying in a hospital bed with an IV in my arm, unable to move, having these headaches where it feels like you're having a stroke, and for a short three-week period, I started to think, 'I may have to do something drastic about this'.

He says due to history of addiction in his family he was also forced to rule out taking painkillers, which caused his agony to become unbearable.

The 50-year-old star admits that he even went as far as to hatch out a plan for the best technique to commit suicide, before eventually changing his mind.

He said: 'I never thought I'd get there. See, I was in a place where I was trying to figure out how to survive.'

Meanwhile, the Oceans Eleven claimed that although numerous surgeries has aided his recovery from the spinal injury that was so bad that he started blowing spinal fluid out of his nose, he still suffers from headaches and painful episode as a result.