German police
A suspect who couldn’t wait to spend a penny, ended up in jail after relieving himself next door to a police station - File photo REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

A suspect who couldn't wait to spend a penny ended up in jail after relieving himself next door to a police station.

The man, who was wanted for the non-payment of fines, stopped to urinate next to Hamburg police station inside the city's main train terminal on Tuesday evening (23 January), even though there was a public toilet just ten metres away.

A passing police officer in the German city apprehended the 25-year-old and ran a routine check, only to discover the suspect had an outstanding warrant against him for failing to pay a fine in October as a result of a previous conviction.

The man will now serve 45 days behind bars, according to a police report.

The German party city has a reputation for people letting their hair down.

Last July, 300 Berlin-based officers were relieved of their G20 guard duties after a wild night of partying, brawling, public sex and urinating in Hamburg.

The officers were in town to keep order during the two-day global leader's summit beginning on 7 July.

But on the Sunday before they threw a party in the container camp where they were billeted, which was originally built to house refugees.

The blowout drew complaints from neighbours who say they saw officers having outdoor sex, at least one fight, and group urination on the fences surrounding the camp.

"One female officer was seen dancing on a table dressed only in a bathrobe with a gun in her hand," reported Berlin paper BZ.

Berlin police admitted, "Yes, we partied", on its Facebook page. But added that its force was made up of young people who "work very professionally" and "carry great responsibility in the field".