German police authorities admitted that they were puzzled after a 17-year-old boy had turned up at the Berlin's city hall, claiming that he had no idea where he belonged to or who he was. The boy said he had been walking for two weeks.

He said to the police that he and his father had been living in the forest for five years after the death of his mother. He said he had been sleeping in tents in the secluded huts. The boy said his father had died recently. He left the forest to seek help after burying his father in shallow grave.

The police said the boy presented himself as Ray. He spoke broken German, but appeared fluent in English. The authorities added that the boy was able to tell his date of birth and name, but he didn't remember his past life before he had started living in the forest, not even his parents' name. He didn't show any sign of malnutrition. On the contrary, he appeared healthy despite having lived in the forest.

Berlin police spokesperson Klaus Schubert said that it could be possible that the boy belonged to Britain as he appeared to be very fluent in English and struggled in German. Klaus was quoted as saying to The Telegraph, "We don't know how he reached the town hall, he cannot explain it. The staff at the town hall brought him to a youth welfare office, and they are now caring for him. He is healthy, there are no signs of abuse or that he has been the victim of violence".

The police were unable to find the exact location of the forest where the boy had been living. They said he might have reached Berlin from the west. Police psychologists were trying to extract information from a teenager in a very polite way.

The police have issued an appeal across Europe in hope that someone will identify the boy.

A similar case came into limelight in Germany in 2007. A 43-year-old American had been found living in the woods at Mosel River for four years. He started his 'forest hermit' life after a break -up with his girlfriend.