Snickers and Mars
Snickers, Mars and Milky Way bars are being recalled in Germany Getty

Chocolate manufacturer Mars Incorporated has recalled a large number of Snickers and Mars bars in Germany. The company issued a voluntary recall after someone found bits of plastic in one of the chocolate products.

According to an AP report, the recall is believed to affect the UK, France, Italy, Belgium and Spain as well. A Mars Incorporated Netherlands spokesman told AP the recall might spread to 55 countries.

The recall concerns Mars, Milky Way and Snickers bars of all sizes, including those in Celebration packages and with an expiration date between June 2016 and January 2017. The company is concerned more products could include pieces of plastic.

"We made a conscious decision to choose a very long production period to be sure that all potentially affected products are returned," the company said in a statement. "Mars Chocolate is in close contact with the food authorities to ensure that all regulatory requirements for the recall are met."

The company, which also produces Twix, Bounty and M&Ms, provided the full list of products recalled, as shown below:

  • Celebrations Bonbonbox 100g
  • Celebrations Box 190g
  • Celebrations Box 277g
  • Celebrations Dose 1.5kg
  • Celebrations Metalldose 320g
  • Celebrations Osterei 246g
  • Mars Duo Pack 6 x 70g
  • Mars Duo Pack 70g
  • Mars Mini Beutel 250g
  • Mars Mini Beutel 333g
  • Mars Mini Catering Box
  • Mars Miniatures Beutel 130g
  • Mars Riegel 10 x 45g
  • Mars Riegel 12 x 45g
  • Mars Riegel 5 x 45g
  • Mars Riegel 51g
  • Mars Riegel 6 x 50g
  • Mars Riegel 7 x 45g
  • Mars Riegel 8 x 35g
  • Milky Way Mini Beutel 250g
  • Milky Way Mini Beutel 330g
  • Milky Way Mini Catering Box
  • Mixed Mini Beutel 1,130g
  • Mixed Mini Beutel 1,425g
  • Mixed Mini Beutel 400g
  • Mixed Miniatures 3kg
  • Snickers Duo Pack 6 x 80g
  • Snickers Duo Pack 80g
  • Snickers Mini Beutel 250g
  • Snickers Mini Beutel 333g
  • Snickers Mini Catering Box
  • Snickers Miniatures Beutel 130g
  • Snickers Riegel 12 x 50g
  • Snickers Riegel 3 x 50g
  • Snickers Riegel 5 x 50g
  • Snickers Riegel 50g
  • Snickers Riegel 6 x 50g
  • Snickers Riegel 7 x 50g
  • Snickers Riegel 8 x 35g