Another day, another Duggar family controversy. And this time, it's Derick Dillard who has not only irked Jazz Jennings but also the LGBT community. The son-in-law of the Evangelical Christian family has called TLC's latest reality series, I Am Jazz, a non-reality show.

In a scathing reply to the network's tweet, the father-of-two said: "What an oxymoron... a "reality" show which follows a non-reality. "Transgender" is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it's ordained by God."

He wrote this about fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings.

Soon his comment received heavy backlash but tried to clarify his comment by saying: "I want to be clear. I have nothing against him. I only have issue with the words and definitions being propagated here."

However, his transphobic opinion did not go down well with anyone including the network and the young transgender celebrity. In a fitting reply to Jill Duggar's husband, Jennings accused him of cyber-bullying her. She tweeted: "Every day I experience cyber-bullying, but I keep sharing my story. Today was no different."

TLC went into damage control mode soon and distanced itself from Derick saying they are not responsible for his personal opinions. "It is important for us to let our viewers know that Derick Dillard's personal statement does not represent the views of TLC," the network said.

The Duggar family is notorious for its stringent religious views that denounce any kind of gender or relationship other than between a man and a woman. However, on the other hand, they 'forgave' their son Josh Duggar for his sexual abuse towards his younger sisters and infidelity towards his wife Anna.

TLC, however, remains loyal to the family but not this time as angry fans are demanding the network to "get rid of the Duggars." "Drop them, your just gonna let him bully a child?" a social media user advised.

"The fact the the Duggars & Co.. are still even on @TLC is disgusting .. how can he judge when his brother in law did such horrendous crimes," added another. "Can we get #droptheduggars trending?" said a furious fan.

"What will it take for you to get rid of this family ? So far Child Molestation, Adultery, Abuse, Homophobia and now Bullying a Child," a fan wondered while demanding the cancellation of Counting On.