Horrific images have emerged of a ginger-bearded Isis jihadist ordering the execution of an elderly man for being 'a wizard'.

Crowds can be seen watching the barbaric act in a town square in Yarmouk, Syria. The blind-folded prisoner was accused of being a 'practictioner of magic'.

The beheading was carried out by the Isis-affiliated Khalid Bin Al-Walid Army, the Terror Monitor group reported. Another photo showed the man with his severed head placed on his back.

It comes as the Syrian Army continues its aerial bombing of rebel-strongholds in the northwest of Damascus.

Ginger jihadist
Elderly prisoner executed for being a 'wizard' Twitter

Shelling and airstrikes reportedly resumed in Aleppo on Friday (23 December), a day after the last set of rebels left their remaining pockets of territory in the city. The attack by the rebels left six people, including two children dead, a monitoring group has said.

The Syrian Army announced it had retaken Aleppo on 22 December from rebel forces after a four-year battle, bringing the whole city under the complete control of President Bashar al-Assad's regime. It marked a major victory for the Russia-backed troops.