Peter Frederiksen
Peter Frederiksen, alleged genital mutilator, at the Bloemfontein Magistrate's court on November 4, 2015 GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP/Getty Images

A nine-year-old girl has testified against a gun shop owner who faces 58 charges after police found nine clitorides in the freezer at his home in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Peter Frederiksen, originally from Denmark, has pleaded not guilty to charges including rape, grievous bodily harm, conspiracy to murder and making child pornography.

Frederiksen was arrested after the severed clitorides were found stored in the freezer along with a vibrator at his townhouse in Langenhoven Park in September 2015.

They are reported to have been found individually wrapped in marked parcels.

His diary is also reported to document details of the "procedures" he used to obtain the clitorides from the nine women.

Anesthetics and surgical instruments were also found at his house.

Several of the charges against him relate to the nine women those clitorides belong to, although the nine-year-old, who is from Lesotho, is not one of these.

She told the Free State High Court via a camera link that Frederiksen raped her several times at his home between 2011 and 2015, according to News 24.

The State also alleges that Frederiksen made a diary entry titled "Paedophile Pig" on one of the days he abused her.

It is also claimed that indecent pictures of the girl are among other photos in Frederiksen's possession. He faces 18 charges of manufacturing child pornography.

Frederiksen is also accused of cutting his wife's clitoris – though not detaching it – in 2015. She reported him to the police, prompting the search that led to the alleged horde of clitorises.

However, she was shot dead outside her home in October 2015. Frederiksen is also accused of conspiring to kill her.

He is also standing trial on charges of fraud, breaking the firearms laws and providing false information when he applied for a South African residence permit. The state also claim he paid a witness 2,000 rand (£120, $150) to testify in his favour during his trial.

The trial continues.