Gisele Bundchen
Gisele Bundchen during her appearance at the Rio Olympics' opening ceremony. Clive Brunskill / getty

Gisele Bündchen captivated the viewers at the Rio Olympics' opening ceremony with her impressive catwalk across the stage. However, the Brazilian supermodel said she was very emotional and in near tears before the walk in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

"Believe me, I was very emotional – I was really breathing very deeply not to cry," Bündchen told Access Hollywood [via People]. "Imagine if I walked on the runway crying!" My country, I feel, it's about happiness and joy. The Brazilian people are so welcoming and loving, and I can't walk crying – what kind of representation is that?! So I just tried to relax as much as I could."

The 36-year-old model also admitted that she was proud to represent her country. She said, "I was just so proud of being there. I was proud for Brazil, I was proud for our people. I mean, so many different names, so many people who have worked so hard to make such a beautiful celebration. I really think Brazilians, we have this simplicity about us, it's so beautiful because it showed."

According to Bündchen the opening ceremony successfully showed Brazil's history and essence. "I think they did such a wonderful job in showing Brazil's history and essence and all the different colors and Brazil's music," she added.

The supermodel explained, "The most beautiful thing about Brazil that I always find that is so unlike any other place I've been in the world is the diversity of its people. ... It's so special and I think they did such a wonderful job showing that. I couldn't be more proud to be a part of it."

Bündchen catwalked across the stage in front of 80,000 spectators and millions of viewers across the world. The Brazilian-born supermodel is married to NFL quarterback Tom Brady.