GTA 5 Project London
Met Police Volvo is parked outside the Heathrow Underground station in GTA 5 Kieran Merrilees

Heathrow Airport, Wembley Stadium and the London Underground are not what you would expect to see while cruising around Grand Theft Auto 5's Los Santos. But that's exactly what one gamer has created.

Project London is a work-in-progress attempt to turn Los Santos, itself based on Los Angeles, into the UK capital. Modders have also created a whole fleet of British emergency vehicles, including Volvo, Ford and BMW police cars, ambulances, fire engines, an air ambulance and some undercover vehicles.

Published to the GTA5-Mods website under the name Kieran Merrilees, the mods also include St Thomas Hospital, The Royal London Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

GTA replicas of shops and businesses found in London include a Shell petrol station, Starbucks and Costa cafes, branches of Jewson and Kwikfit, and a McDonalds, plus Premier Inn, Royal Bank of Scotland, Stagecoach and Royal Mail. A sign outside Wembley Stadium advertisers England vs Scotland and is sponsored by Vauxhall and Mars.

Next on the list is to finish Heathrow, before they start work on a selection of London hotels and bus stops.

Merrilees said: "Project London is something I have been working on for a while now. My aim is to eventually do a full map overhaul to replace it with British textures and give it a London look."