In a radio interview on Thursday, Matthew Morrison weighs in on the recent claims that his "Glee" co-star, Lea Michele, was very disrespectful to colleagues.

The actor, who dated Michele before they worked together in the Fox musical series, was initially hesitant to discuss the allegations that ranged from bullying to power tripping. He eventually said that the claims are mere "distractions" to the real issues happening.

"I honestly think it's a distraction of the bigger issues that are going on right now. It's kind of like, 'Ah'," Morrison said in an interview with FUBAR Radio's All Access Areas.

The theatre actor did not say much about the drama and admitted that he does not "really comment too much on it." However, he did seem to acknowledge that there were cast tensions with Michele on the "Glee" set.

"You just want to be a good, pleasant person to work, to be around. That's about all I'm going to say on that," he said (check his interview near the end of the audio recording).

Michele was accused of being disrespectful and rude to her colleagues after she shared her support for the Black Lives Matter movement in a tweet. The accusations piled up after a former "Glee" co-star, Samantha Ware, revealed that the actress made her life on the show a nightmare. Ware detailed the trauma she experienced from Michele including embarrassing her in front of the cast and crew and threatening her job on the show. She said the actress abused her power given that she plays the lead role of Rachel Berry in "Glee."

Aside from Ware, other "Glee" co-stars and work colleagues including Amber Riley, Heather Morris, Melissa Benoist, Abigail Breslin, and more also shared and hinted about their horrible experience working with Michele. They mostly called her out for her bad behaviour and how she belittled minor cast members. It is unclear if Morison received the same treatment from the actress.

Actor Matthew Morrison of the TV series "Glee" arrives at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards show in Las Vegas
Actor Matthew Morrison of the TV series "Glee" arrives at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards show in Las Vegas. Reuters