Prince Harry, Glenn Howerton, and
Glenn Howerton (right) shares a photo of him with Prince Harry (L) and Rob McElhenney (centre) Photo: Glenn Howerton/Instagram Glenn Howerton/Instagram

Glenn Howerton only has positive things to say about Prince Harry as he looked back on the time they hung out to watch a football (soccer) match last year at Los Angeles' BMO Stadium.

People caught up with the "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" star at the Independent Spirit Awards Luncheon on Saturday, January 6, where he shared his thoughts about meeting the Duke of Sussex. He shared that he had a great time hanging out with the royal when they watched the Major League Soccer (MLS) match between the Inter Miami CF and Los Angeles FC in September.

"He's cool, man. A very nice, very down to earth, normal dude in a lot of ways," Howerton said and explained: "I mean, he's not a normal dude, but he comes, he presents as a normal dude."

He added of Prince Harry: "I think he wants to be a normal dude."

Howerton shared a photo of himself and Prince Harry taken at the stadium on his Instagram back in September. The picture saw them posing alongside his co-star Rob McElhenney, who is a Wrexham FC co-owner.

He captioned it: "Great seeing Harry and some of my favorite club owners Bill and Bob last night at @lafc v. @intermiamicf. Seeing @leomessi play live: wow," Howerton captioned the snap.

Earlier this month, McElhenney also shared another photo taken from the game for his 2023 highlights roundup. He posted a selfie of him, Prince Harry and Howerton and wrote alongside it: "Aside from that slight allergic reaction to the nuts, 2023 was one of the best years of my life. Thank you to the people and places that made it possible. My life is full of love and joy because of you. ❤️ So excited for 2024."

Howerton is not the only person who has spoken of the Duke of Sussex being down to earth. Kenyan Senator Gloria Orwoba said during an interview last year in September that she was struck by how relatable the royal was when they met and chatted during last year's Invictus Games in Düsseldorf, Germany.

She said she was initially so nervous but he made her feel calm. She told Hello magazine: "He has this way of making you calm, I almost forgot I was talking to the Duke of Sussex the guy next door. He is so down to earth and so human."

Orwoba sat with the duke on the stands and they chatted about entering Kenya into the games. Sharing more about their conversation, she said Prince Harry "was more interested in the people that the games are going to impact. It is more like mental health issues or physical injuries." She said of their meaningful chat: "I am still soaking it in but these are some of the leaders we need in the world."