A hoverboard rider has made criminal history for his role in what's believed to be the first ever "glide-by" shooting in the US, according to Texas police. An unidentified male gunman on a hoverboard shot a driver in his car on a Dallas road and somehow managed to evade a police search.

"Police searched the immediate area for the suspect, but he managed to glide away from capture," according to a local Fox News station.

The victim, who suffered a bullet injury to his upper arm and is expected to recover, said he spotted the man on a hoverboard on the road and offered him a ride. When he later saw the same man again, and repeated his offer, the hoverboard rider became angry, asked if the driver was following him, and shot him. He then apparently "sped" off at about 6mph, which is the maximum speed hoverboards usually travel.

Hoverboards have been the target of thieves, including at least one who shot at a board's owner. A 13-year-old boy was killed in Florida in February when his cousin, holding a gun and riding a hoverboard, lost his balance and the gun accidentally discharged.