Guardians Of The Galaxy was undoubtedly one of Marvel Studios' funniest titles to date, but from now on, the 2014 film might also be known as the deadliest in movie history. Well, according to Go Compare, that is.

As part of their latest marketing campaign, the comparison service chose to compile a list of movie's with the highest body counts, and surprisingly Guardians trumped every other movie since the 1940s.

In the study, it emerged that the film tallied 83,871 – a huge 78,184 more than its nearest competitor. How did it manage to fit all that in during its two-hour running time you might wonder. Well, it's all thanks to the film's particularly explosive finale which saw 80,000 Nova Corps pilots die in the closing scene adding significantly to the total.

Director James Gunn, whose been very vocal about any news surrounding the sequel on his personal Twitter account over the last few months, addressed the statement shortly after it came to light. He shared The Guardian's original story alongside the caption: "So I guess #GotG is now the deadliest film in movie history. By, like, a lot. Um, yay?"

Following Gunn's less than exurberant reaction to the film's new 'title' many film fanatics also took to social media to question the study, bringing up iconic movie scenes which they believe must have had more casualities.

One notable argument was made in reference to the complete destruction of the Death Star (which reportedly had over 2 million crew on board) in Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope. Similarly, other Star Wars fans pointed out that Alderaan (Leia Organa's former home planet) was obliterated along with its millions of inhabitants.

Perhaps they just didn't count A New Hope as many of the occupants of the Death Star were droids, as according to Go Compare, "animals and robots were only counted where they were played (either physically or voiced) by a human."

The website also goes on to clarify in the small print that "the death counts for each of [the films mentioned] were sourced from All Outta Bubblegum, Movie Body Counts, YouTube, and Twine," and that "the information displayed here is purely for entertainment and counts may not be 100% definitive."

So it's safe to say, Go Compare's study should be taken with a pinch of salt. Sorry Guardians Of The Galaxy, but heck, at least you can still claim that you're among the list of films that include a sizeable body count, and an adorable talking tree...

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