Apart from new Nexus smartphones, Google is working on two Android Wear powered smartwatches, suggests a new disclosure.

These devices are likely to be released after the 2016 Nexus phones made by HTC codenamed Marlin and Sailfish are announced, as the Android Wear version 2.0 is in its early preview phase.

According to Android Police, Google is in the process of prototyping the smartwatches.

Of the two, the larger model featuring LTE, GPS and heart rate sensor is codenamed Angelfish, whereas the smaller variant without any of these features is called Swordfish. Both are expected to have circular displays. A key feature in both the models is Google Assistant integration, but it is not known yet as to what the integration is about.

Support for Google Assistant and new watch faces

Through there is no official word so far, it is suggested that by building its own smartwatches Google would be able to implement its desired hardware and other features. Besides, it could offer better sales and support experience than its manufacturing partners. The company might even sell the watches at a discount along with the purchase of a Nexus phone.

Google is said to be working on the latest watch faces for the devices, allowing quick access to notifications, information and media controls for apps or other functionality. Quickly accessible functions such as unread messages in Gmail, Hangouts, time in other time zones, the time until your next calendar appointment and the number of your steps, could be spotted below the watch dial.

Design and other features

Angelfish is said to have a slight resemblance to the current Moto 360 and LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE. Angelfish has visible lugs and three buttons; a large circular button is at the right side of the body, and two other buttons are smaller and placed above/below the large button.

Angelfish is thick with more than 14mm in cross-section, thanks to the larger battery inside it. Its diameter is 43.5mm, which makes it smaller than the Moto 360 at 46mm, but bigger than the standard 42mm edition. It would come in titanium colour.

Swordfish resembles the Pebble Time Round in terms of basic shape, with its body and lug design quite similar. Swordfish has a single button positioned at the right side of the body and sports an Apple watch-like design.

Swordfish is 42mm in diameter and 10.6mm thicker. The smartwatch would be available in three colour variants — silver, titanium and rose gold. Unlike Angelfish, Swordfish would lack GPS and LTE connectivity.

While Angelfish might not support Google's Mode watch bands due to the design of the lugs and bands, Swordfish would be compatible with bands.