Android users of Google's hangout app will surely be happy with its latest update, which allows the user to send video attachments directly from the application. What's more now, the Hangout app will let you add anyone to a video call, even if they don't have a Google account.

Check out what's new on this update:

• Send video attachments up to 1 minute
• Fix for unread conversation when you've been in a call
● Fix for users stuck on the "Ok, got it" button
• Support for Google for Work - Mobile Management

Apple users on their iPhones had the feature for a while now and could also send short 10-second videos. But it was a surprise that Android, which is Google's very own OS, was devoid of this feature.

Prior to this, Hangouts had got a major update that featured an Android N support for direct reply and bundled notifications. This allowed users to send messages through the notifications shade, instead of launching the app to reply to messages. The bundled notifications feature groups all related messages together, instead of stacking all messages under notifications.

However, users on the Marshmallow got to experience only the features and not any changes to their OS as a whole. However, those on the developer version of Android N got to experience the entire package.