Google has launched the latest update to Hangouts, following the recent release of Android N's developer preview. Google Hangouts 8.0 comes with Android N support, which features the operating system's (OS) latest updates.

Hangouts 8.0 supports Android N's bundled notifications and direct reply features. The latest update also displays images with rounded edges when running on the developer version of Android N.

Although users can update Hangouts on their Marshmallow devices, they are unlikely to see any major changes within this OS. However, those running the developer version of Android N will notice how the Hangouts update syncs with the updated features of N.

One of the most notable changes in Hangouts 8.0 is the direct reply feature. In an earlier update to Hangouts, Google had incorporated a quick reply feature. This allowed users to send messages through the notifications shade, instead of launching the app to reply to messages. This offered users the opportunity to view and reply to messages without having to interrupt their activity. However, this feature was limited, in that it only allowed users to reply to the most recent or latest messages received. Hangouts 8.0 addresses this issue and users will now be able to view and reply to all messages, old or new.

Hangouts' latest updates will also draw off from Android N's bundled notifications feature and will now cleverly group all related messages together, instead of stacking all messages together under notifications. Lastly, a comparatively minor cosmetic change has also been noted in the new Hangouts update. Images are now displayed with rounded edges as opposed to sharp edges.

It is important to note, that these updated features are only available to those whose devices are running on the developer preview of Android N. Additionally, the Hangouts 8.0 update is yet to be publicly rolled out and is not yet available on Google Play store. However, for those already on the Android N developer preview, here is the APK.