Google Pixel Fold
Google's Pixel Fold will be the first foldable phone that you could repair yourself. Wikimedia Commons

You will soon be able to repair your Google Pixel Fold with official parts from iFixit. In other words, official replacement components for the search giant's first foldable phone will be available to buy online. A Google spokesperson shared this piece of information with 9To5Google.

Google has been teaming up with iFixit since last year to offer replacement parts for its Pixel phones. This includes parts like cameras, displays, and batteries. To those unaware, iFixit is a global community of people who help each other repair things.

Moreover, iFixit sells official replacement parts for Logitech, Steam, and other tech companies. Now, iFixit's team of repair experts has already come up with a guide for the Google Pixel Fold. However, the replacement parts are still unavailable. Google told CNET that it is still unclear when the parts will be added.

Google Pixel Fold is the first foldable phone you could repair yourself

Tech giants Microsoft, Samsung, and even Apple sell DIY fix-it parts for their smartphones and tablets. However, the Pixel Fold appears to be the first foldable device to get replacement parts. For comparison, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 from Samsung requires in-store or postal repair services.

Google has been catching flak lately for cancelling Pixel Fold preorders without notifying buyers. So, the American tech giant is giving Pixel Fold buyers something to cheer about in the form of "genuine spare parts" and repair guides at iFixit. Google has collaborated with iFixit's gadget repair experts and spare component suppliers to offer inner/outer screen and battery replacements.

To recap, Google first collaborated with iFixit last year to offer Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series replacement parts. The company offers some replacement parts for older models as well. The Pixel Fold was launched on June 28. So, it isn't surprising that there are no Pixel Fold components on iFixit yet.

Google could be gearing up to add Pixel Fold parts to the storefront in the coming days. However, the company did not mention a timeline for adding the spare parts. Meanwhile, Google's head of design for hardware products, Ivy Ross confirmed during an episode of the official Made By Google podcast that the company has cancelled its second foldable phone.

Is this repair option for everybody?

Much to the relief of those who have purchased the Pixel Fold, the official Google parts for the foldable phone will be available for purchase online in the near future. This is good news considering that the Pixel Fold's display is easy to damage. In fact, all foldable devices are more fragile compared to slate-style phones. It will be interesting to see whether other folding phone makers will follow in Google's footsteps.

Having genuine parts available online could expedite and simplify the process of fixing any Pixel Folds for users who know how to open up phones, or work in independent repair shops. However, fixing modern smartphones, especially foldable phones can turn out to be an arduous task for some people.

So, Google will offer regular repair options for Pixel phone buyers. Nevertheless, the availability of genuine parts in an easy-to-access place will give Pixel Fold owners more choices in terms of getting repairs. So, let's check out how you can get the replacement parts you need on iFixit.

How to get replacement parts for your Pixel phone?

  • Head straight to the iFixit online store and select your geographic region.
  • Type "Pixel" into the search bar at the top.
  • Alternatively, you can type the specific model like Pixel 7 Pro.
  • You will see a lot of options including an entire kit that will come in handy for repairing your screen, cameras, and battery.
  • Individual parts like silicon pads, graphite sheets, and display adhesive are sold separately.
  • Moreover, you can check what's included in the kit.
  • In addition to some tips, the kit will have a notice that says it has a genuine Google part.
  • You can find a guide to fix whatever part you have selected at the bottom of the page.