Google Pixel Fold
Google canceled some Pixel Fold preorders due to a bug on their side. Wikimedia Commons

Much to the chagrin of its customers, Google recently cancelled a considerable number of Pixel Fold preorders. The Pixel Fold is slated to arrive on June 27, but has been available for preorder for a couple of months.

To recap, Google unveiled its first-ever foldable phone at Google I/O 2023. The device went up for pre-order via the Google Store. However, it was available for preorder only in Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Pixel Fold comes in two highly appealing colour options including Porcelain and Obsidian in the United States. Moreover, the search giant is offering some interesting freebies when you preorder the Pixel Fold from the Google Store.

According to an earlier report, you can get a free Google Pixel Watch along with free subscriptions to Google services. This includes three months of YouTube Premium and six months of Google One. On June 20, the Pixel Fold went on preorder through Amazon.

Google Pixel Fold preorder: What is happening?

However, if you placed your preorder at the Google Store in the hope of getting your hands on the Pixel Fold early and a free Pixel Watch, you might be in for a rude surprise from the American tech giant. Some Pixel Fold users have reported that they discovered their preorder was cancelled upon checking its status.

Likewise, many Pixel Fold users reported that their preorders have been put on hold. Those who purchased the Pixel Fold through the Google Store took to Reddit to report their Pixel Fold order was cancelled because "it doesn't align with our sales term."

Similarly, some users claim their preorder was put on hold because the payment information could not be verified. According to the folks at Android Police, the Google support team has attributed this issue to a bug on their end. Notably, the company assured affected users that the problem will be fixed within 48 hours.

In the meantime, some users whose orders were cancelled revealed that they did not receive an email from the Google Store about the cancellation. Apparently, they found out about the cancellation upon checking their preorder status. On the other hand, Google notified customers whose purchases were put on hold via email. This email included an option to update the payment method.

According to Twitter user Mo Alom, Google cancelled their order just two days before delivery of two Pixel Fold units, for which they paid £3500. The Twitter user claims they waited two months to receive Google's maiden foldable phone, further noting that they do not believe the delay is due to a bug. The company responded to the tweet through its Made by Google Twitter account.

In its response, Google asked whether the user had contacted the concerned team.

"If yes, please send us a DM with your case ID from our support team. The case ID will look like this (X-XXXXXXXXXXXXX). Rest assured, we'll do our best to help. Appreciate it," Google wrote.

Another Twitter user Luke Arnold claimed their Pixel Fold, which was originally set to be delivered between June 29 to July 6th, will now arrive between September 13 to September 21. However, the Pixel Fold buyer stated that Google says it's an error. Responding to one of the comments, Luke later reported that "It's back to the correct date!"

What to do if your preorder was cancelled

Regrettably, there's very little Google can do if your preorder was cancelled. Notably, you will have to purchase the Pixel Fold again. As a result, you will have to wait longer to receive the handset. One Reddit user, who was expecting to receive the Pixel Fold on June 28, says they had to redo the order multiple times and now have to wait until August.

Google is also contacting users who have had their purchases put on hold. The company is asking them to update their payment information even though there aren't issues with their original option.

Interestingly, it looks like this issue is only affecting orders made directly through Google Store. So, it is safe to say that those who ordered the phone through a carrier will receive it on time. Still, they are advised to check their order status. Regardless, this incident isn't good for the reputation of the tech behemoth and the Fold, which is expected to take the foldable phone segment by storm.

The Pixel Fold has been floating around the rumour mill for quite some time now. While it will be interesting to see whether the Fold will shake up the market, there are a few issues that could stop Google's newly launched handset from being a game changer. For example, an earlier report claims the Fold will support a much slower charging speed of 23 watts via cable.

To those unaware, even mid-range Android devices offer the same charging speed. Unlike the Pixel Fold, these Android handsets carry a more affordable price tag of around $300 (about £240). The Fold, on the other hand, costs a whopping $1,800 (about £1414). So, the least you'd expect from Google Store is to offer a better purchase experience.