Speculations have gone red-hot over the internet involving a Google Maps snap that many believe is a murder scene in broad daylight in The Netherlands.

The aerial photograph, posted on Reddit, shows a heavily pixilated image of two figures on a jetty in a park in Almere, near Amsterdam.

Google Map Murder Scene
This is an aerial photograph of the 'murder' scene Reddit

Conspiracy theorists believe that the shape on the right is a dead corpse, while the dark trail proceeding towards the figures is the blood of the dead man.

Although it is hard to zoom in to the already heavily-pixilated photograph, The Sun believes that the shadowy 'mark' on the jetty is similar to a human body, with its "head on the right and the feet on the left". Their reports also stated that the shadowy shape appears to be a little over five foot long.

However, other commentators believe otherwise due to various factors. Some believe that the jetty was in "direct view" of pedestrian traffic, while some questioned the rationale behind two men trying to dump a dead corpse in broad daylight.

Another commentator on Reddit believes that the two men were throwing a ball into the water body for their dog to retrieve. "You can see the tracks where the wet dog jumped off the dock. He swam back to shore and ran up the dock dripping wet which made the redwood look even redder," he said.

The photograph, taken in 2009, has been sent to the local police for further investigation. Though, there is scant evidence remaining, the Dutch cops would investigate the matter as there is no statute of limitations for murder.