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The displays of some Google Nexus 7 units are experiencing what has been termed as "image retention issues", according to Android Police. The issue was uncovered after the Web site conducted a display test. Image retention (or ghosting) occurs when an image or screenshot remains visible on the screen even after the programme or app displaying the image has been closed.

Google Nexus 7
Some of the display of Nexus 7 is experiencing image retention issue. Phone Arena

As part of the test, a photograph was left on the Nexus 7 screen, for about two minutes with the screen at maximum brightness. The report stated that the impression of the image was noticeable immediately afterwards and for up to two minutes at a time.

However, the report did caution potential users that this issue was only discovered in two I/O pieces (which are pre-production) and considering manufacturers ASUS have reported no problems on production units, this may well be a false alarm. In any case, in the two that were tested, the retained image stayed on the screen even while others apps and programmes were being used.

The image on the test pieces became less visible when the display was set to automatic brightness or in sunlight and, naturally, became less of an issue when the tablet had been running (warming-up) for some time.

The report speculates that image retention could be a natural offset of the IPS display panel. A comparison with an ASUS Transformer Pad 300, however, indicated the problem (if it does exist in production units) occurred more severely in the Google Nexus 7, leading to speculation it could even be a software issue.

So far this is the only issue that appears to have surfaced, following the Google Nexus 7's unveiling at the I/O conference.

The Nexus 7 features a higher resolution and pixel density (800 x 1280 pixels, 216ppi) than most others in its class, with the exception of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. In addition, CNET reviews indicate the Nexus 7 affords users better viewing angles than its rivals and a test by AnandTech indicated the Nexus 7 beat the Apple iPad 2, ASUS Transformer Prime and the 11in MacBook Pro.