There are a lot of speculations surrounding Google's first-ever foldable smartphone dubbed the Pixel Fold. However, the American tech giant is still mum on whether it is working on a Galaxy Z Fold 5-like foldable phone.

It looks like Google is sparing no effort to keep key details about its first-ever foldable phone under wraps. Still, some pieces of vital information regarding the Pixel Fold continue to surface online.

A new leak has divulged more details about the alleged Pixel Fold ahead of official confirmation. Past leaks suggest the Pixel Fold's launch timeline will align with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 launch.

Interestingly, the unflustered Korean smartphone giant will be supplying some key components for Google's foldable phone. According to a report by The Elec, Google's foldable smartphone will enter the mass production stage in the third quarter of this year.

To recap, Google had previously postponed the mass production schedule of its foldable phone twice. Apparently, the search engine giant is focusing on the "completeness" of the product.

As part of its strategy, Google has teamed up with Samsung Display, which is expected to supply the foldable panel either by July or August 2023.

This timeline is a major sign that the Google foldable phone will be available for purchase by September or October. To those unaware, Samsung is prepping to unveil its Galaxy Z Fold 5 foldable phone in the same release window.

The Google Pixel Fold will reportedly sport a 7.57-inch inner foldable display. Also, it will feature a 5.78-inch external screen. Notably, Samsung Display will be supplying both of these displays.

Moreover, the Pixel Fold will bear a striking resemblance to the Galaxy Z Fold as far as the form factor is concerned. However, Google's maiden foldable phone will not support stylus input for the internal display.

It is still unclear how Google will separate its upcoming foldable phone from Samsung's highly anticipated foldable device. There is a possibility that the company might equip the Pixel Fold with some exclusive software experiences.

Also, Google might offer its Pixel Fold for a more affordable price as compared to the $1,799 price tag Samsung's foldable carries. As a result, customers will be able to get their hands on foldable devices without burning a hole in their pockets.

Google Pixel Fold
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